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Sathya, Chennai



I write this to share the experiences and benefits our family has reaped, which is revealed in the manner of transformation in our attitude of dealing with day-to-day happenings.


Our Master Sage TGN while expounding the Practical Philosophy avers that any philosophy worth its salt should help and sustain us in our daily lives. For instance, when imparting the Wisdom that we are not our physical system, mind or intellect, but That Supreme Self, He emphasises that the derivative of this Knowledge is that any ailment to the physical system should not bother us or bog us down. He also gives us a practical and simple methodology to adopt this attitude and gives the example of headache - it is not that we suffer a headache but that our head has an ache thereby creating a gap between us and the ailment. Time and again He also tells us that we should counter adversities with humour (இடுக்கண் வருங்கால் நகுக - திருக்குறள்) and narrates how our ancient Tamil poets managed crisis situations with humour.


My niece has been regularly attending Master's Classes. Recently she suffered from an ailment which is known to cause severe abdominal pain. She was rushed to a doctor who advised immediate scan. On hearing the news I contacted her over the phone. Through her acute pain, she told me that she is moving about crouching forward like Avvaiyar and laughed merrily. This attitude of hers induced me to respond in similar vein that Avvaiyar should soon become Andal. Now, I have seen people laughing off their ailment after the worst is over but not when one is in the active phase. Then she continued, "I am ninth in waiting list for scan to be done. I am utilising this time to drink water since I have been asked to remain in full bladder". She didn't mind having to wait with pain. Neither did she grumble one bit. nor try to bypass the queue citing the severity of pain. She did not trouble elderly parents but managed the entire situation without as much as informing them. With Master's Grace, she has been fully cured of the problem since.


Our family as a whole has had the good fortune of being exposed to Master's Grace since childhood. Now I am able to recall the effect of Master's Grace even then. This girl, even when in high school when she could not have grasped much of the philosophy behind taking one's mind out of a problem, displayed similar cheerful attitude. She was then down with typhoid fever. Our neighbour, a well-meaning elderly lady, visited her and advised that she should be on strict diet and not eat anything. After a while we saw her writing furiously in her notebook. When asked what it was that she was working on instead of taking rest, she showed us a list of items she would eat after she gets well, starting from 'koda milagai sambar'! Needless to say, she did get every single item of her wish-list fulfilled later!


Another younger niece of mine even as a toddler displayed the rare quality of not hurting another being. She was two years old, having high fever and fretting. Her uncle carried her outside our home to cajole her and asked her playfully whether we could give away her fever to a pig that was seen nearby.. Immediately this child protested, 'No, no!' I feel extremely happy and proud that Master's Grace has established us intuitively in the Path of ஒழுக்கம்.


Our family as a whole remains grateful and indebted to Him and we pray that Master's Grace should ever protect us and keep us rooted in the Path shown by Him.


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