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P. Chitra, Belgium



Having had the good fortune to listen to almost all of our Master TGN's Talks in Madurai for over 10 years, I am now on a Banking assignment in Brussels. The Tapes of the Talks and His books are arrayed before me on the table at my residence. Belgium is behind Indian Standard Time (IST) by four hours; and when I receive through E-mail the schedule of Master's programmes in India, I so arrange my day's work as to sit in quiet concentration from 3-00 p.m. to 4-30 p.m. I experience the subtle waves of the Philosophy encompassing me in all directions of the compass on such occasions and I arise invigorated and blessed. "Who else could transmit such Grace?", I intone in endless wonderment and gratitude.


The application of Master's Philosophy has been of immense help and succour to quite a few of my friends and acquaintances. I shall now relate in brief two such instances in the fond hope that they could be of some guidance to earnest seekers everywhere.


A lady here, married for some years, had developed mental depression because there was no sign of progeny. When she mentioned the problem to me in a tone of sadness, I felt it was the right moment for me to impart to her the psychic science governing the continuity of species: "The purpose of your birth is the clearance of the imprints inherited from your parents and deposited on your life-energy which is otherwise called the soul. The life-energy is an agglomeration of the most powerful ethereal particles filling the Universal space, and when it realises that you may not be able to complete the job of imprint-clearance during your own life-span, it has to necessarily bring in a working partner in the form of a son or daughter. Yearning for offspring is an indication of this need and you should not feel discouraged over your present position. Instead you should consciously bring your mind to the alpha-level frequency (8 to 13 cycles per second) and optimistically stress the thought that your progeny should be bright and noble and equipped to fulfil the mission of human birth."


The lady listened intently to what I explained and when she took leave, there was a perceptible lightness in her mind, which was revealed by her countenance.


When the lady called on me a few weeks later, she was in jubilation as she announced that the hospital had confirmed pregnancy. She and her husband, to whom she had communicated the Philosophy, were confident beyond doubt that the offspring would be an ideal child in every way. She displayed noticeable respect to me as she said all this; and then and there I thought the deference was not actually to me for who am I but a pale moon attempting ever so feebly to reflect the effulgence of the Sun that vouchsafes light, whichever corner of the globe we may live and move and have our being in.


The Master's Tapes and Books are a constant source of curiosity to friends here who later come to learn that nothing pays like curiosity! A girl in this city she belongs to the Islamic community is a brilliant scholar who is currently doing research for Ph.D. in an advanced field of environmental sciences. She told me one day that she had all along been assailed by fears, anxieties and misgivings: "They were there when I wrote my School Final and they will be there after I take my Ph.D. On occasions I feel bereft even in the thick of a University-crowd."


By way of reply I explained to her what Master has taught us over and over again, that the planet Earth is only a caravanserai for our stay between life and death. Once we understand this and realise that we only go where we came from, all fears will abate and not until then. I quoted from Bharati's poem identifying the Primordial State, which he refers to as "Allah, Allah, Allah." The listener's curiosity was aroused and she came to see me again on a Saturday after the Iftar for further discussion. This time I gave her Master's cassettes on "Karma, Rebirth and Individuality."


The cassettes have been returned to me just now with the following comments:

(i) The Philosophy of your Master is indeed practical, since it equips and enables us to tackle the problems of day-to-day living.

(ii) It has the quality to dispel despair from the minds of listeners.

(iii) Everything is scientifically and rationally explained.

(iv) The averments come with authority because your Master's spiritual knowledge is complete and the findings are based on His direct experience.


Let me conclude this report with a question: "Could anything other than our Master's words be so universally accepted?"



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