Virtue and Sin


Question : Morality seems to have become totally eroded in the present times. How are we to get the term defined? Will acting according to the voice of conscience suffice or is there something more than that ?


Sage TGN :


            The concepts and definitions of Morality are different in different societies. They originated at a period in history when communication and transport facilities were meagre and each community led a cloistered life. For example bigamy is considered a sin by some religions whereas polygamy even is allowed by some others. So too, taking of life of other beings for food.


What is an urgent need of the present times is universally acceptable definitions of ‘Sin’ and ‘Virtue’. Let us now set about the task : That act of yours which would bring misery or harm to you or to any other living being, today or at a later date is ‘Sin’. On the other hand, that act of yours which would conduce to your well-being and the well-being of other lives, now and in future, is ‘Virtue’.


A trained Mind schooled in Virtue is the best Guru you could get.



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