Question : I have been attending your Lecture-programmes for sometime. Would you teach or prescribe some easy form of Meditation to junior aspirants like me?


Sage TGN :     What passes for Meditation in most of the yoga-centres is only Concentration (Dharana) where you are enjoined on to watch your own breathing (inhalation and exhalation) or apply your mind on the point between the eye-brows (Ajna-chakram) or the crown of your head. This you are to do for 15 minutes or so during which time you also surreptitiously watch the clock! I personally know that in one such session the conductor of the Meditation actually slipped into slumber and had to be shaken awake by an assistant from the Office of the Organisation as it was time for the next programme.


     What is the difference between such ritual Meditation and non-Meditation? Let me explain: If you are engaged in Meditation in your house you do not bestir yourself to respond to the door-bell or telephone-bell even when you hear the ring. That is, you have purposefully withdrawn your mind from and coerced it not to react to outside-events. Under such circumstances the mind does come nearer to the Alpha-level from the Beta; but if after Meditation, you still have an irresistible urge to watch serial drama on TV, does it not mean that what spiritual gain was there, has been dissipated?


     In our methodology, we are presenting Practical Philosophy in scientific terms to enable you to intellectually grasp, in the first instance, that it is possible to overcome Worry and pre-empt Anger. Thereafter you cogitate and introspect and come to appropriate conclusion on your own and then proceed to try it out in your day-to-day activities. In this way the Alpha-level is experienced to be natural by your Mind. Whatever gain you register is consolidated from stage to stage. In course of practice you become your own trainer.


     In the fifties there was  a particular brand of washing soap which became very popular in the US due to the following advertisement : “We don’t put sunshine, moonshine or monkey-shine into our product. It is plain soap that is all! Question : How to get twice as much lather out of our soap as any other brand?   Answer : Use twice as much soap!”


     When simple is beautiful, as also effective, why adventitious frills to Philosophy?



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