Question: What is the principle behind the Satari held over the heads of devotees in Vaishnavite temples?


Sage TGN:


If you are trained in Meditation, you would know that when you go from Turiyam-stage to Turiyatheetham, the bio-energy would form a conical shape over the crown of your head. The satari would bring this about instantaneously. This is because it has been charged with energy in the sanctum sanctorum through appropriate incantations. Note that the satari itself is conical in form. These yogic practices, although peripheral in nature, have their own benefits.


That a pyramid-structure could hold energy was realised in the orient thousands of years ago. That is why the towers or spires of places of worship temple, mosque or church are distinctly conical.


In our country, sages had also discovered that while stone stores energy, metal conducts and transmits it. Hence it is that the idol in the sanctum is of stone whereas the idol taken out in procession on festival-days is of metal. Any temple is an energy-bank with the sanctum as the centre; and moveable metal idols in the vicinity play the role of accumulators and conduits to devotees outside.

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