Question: In one of your recent Talks you mentioned about Bio-magnetism. Would you kindly bring the material on record so that it may serve as a reference to persons like me?


Sage TGN:


The entire Universal space is filled with basic energy-particles that are in perennial self-rotation and also in revolution. Will not any rotating object give rise to a spreading wave around itself? An example is the electric fan the blades of which rotate to spread the air around in widening circles. The rotating energy-particles are the cause for what is known as Universal magnetism (prapancha-kantam) the pulling and pushing forces of which are attraction and repulsion that keep the stars and planets in a state of motion in dynamic equilibrium.


It is the energy-particles spread inter-penetratingly in the Universal field that are operating within the physical bodies of living beings (jivans) of one to six senses; and the resultant effect is Bio-magnetism, bio being the Greek prefix meaning life. The life-energy particles in rotation and circulation within the physical body generate a magnetic field which is what holds the cells of the body together. When life exits from the body (at death) the binding force between adjoining cells goes away and the cells start falling apart which is why decomposition occurs. The body is no longer in a fit condition to retain within itself the intensified energy-particles.


Man is a limited being only on the criteria of the dimensions of the physical body – length, breadth and thickness. His mind is capable of extending outside up to the extremities of the Universe – otherwise astronomers would not have been able to identify and name the far-off stellar systems. Car-drivers are not consciously aware of this, but actually they keep their mind outstretched by a few feet on either side of their vehicle in order to avoid grazing other vehicles on the road or the medians and bridge-walls.


All of us are repositories and reservoirs of bio-magnetism which could be passed on to others through touch, sight or thought and also by the medium of light objects such as flower, fruit, leaf and water (pushpam, palam, patram and thoyam) all of which are used as articles of worship in rituals so as to charge yourself from the consecrated idol-form of God.


Medical science is skimming on the surface of this science, as you may see from the doctor’s insistence these days on leaving the new-born in touch with the mother. In hospital-parlance this is called “bonding”.


Bio-magnetism can easily be transmitted by one person to another through the extremities of the physical body such as finger-tips. The yoga-teacher, for instance, does this by touching the crown of the aspirant’s head (turiya) or the point between the eye-brows (agnaa). The initiator is actually passing on his own bio-energy so as to give a fillip to that of the aspirant.


On a practical level you could utilise your bio-magnetic energy to relieve a child (up to three years) of stomach-pain or headache or even reduce fever. You yourself would experience some mild pain since you have interfered in the course of Nature but an adult can take the discomfort in his stride. Also, when you offer medicine to a patient in your house, do so after holding the tablet in the palm of your hand for a few seconds while concentrating the thought that the patient should recover soon. LMP doctors who were practising till the forties of the last century had this habit and that was why it was said of many of them that they had the “healing touch” (kairasi in Tamil). Alas, the specialists of the present are not trained that way; for the most part they simply go through the investigation-reports and write out their prescriptions with hardly a second glance at the patients !


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