Question: I am studying in the Polytechnic. Can you show God to me?


Sage TGN:


You are a student of Science. Can you “see” Electricity? If you say it is there in the lighted lamp or the electric fan or in this mike before me, I reply that in all these items I see only the effects of electricity and not electricity itself. The presence of electricity is inferred by its effects.


Likewise with God. God is only that supreme State from which this Universe of stars and planets came into being, that which maintains the Universe and that which shall absorb the Universal objects and appearances in process of time. Hence was derived the Law of Thermodynamics which says that “the entropy of the Universe tends towards the maximum.” (Entropy is measure of degradation of Universal energy.).


God cannot be experienced by the senses directly. It is the static State, rightly called the Almighty since it is the substratum of the Universe. From the precision in the functioning of the galaxies, from the paramount and inescapable Law of Action-and-Result you have to get to know the Almighty as a spiritual experience.


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