Question : I am 41 and I could not contemplate marriage earlier since, after the demise of my father, I had to provide for my mother and younger sisters and brothers, five in number.I would strongly prefer not to beget children. But what if my wife insists on extending the family-line?†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

(nithya nandam, avadi)


Sage TGN :†††† The fact after the expiry of your father, you have discharged your duties to the family conscientiously as karta shows you are a person with will-power. This has to be put to further utility in your marriage.


I presume your bride would be thirty-plus. At the opening stage of the negotiation itself you must explain your stand-point and ascertain whether she would cooperate with full understanding.


Pressure to bring forth offspring is basically psychic and it is the manifestation of the burden of karmic imprints carried by the souls of husband and wife, they having inherited it from their parents and the parentsí ancestors.


The energy-particles constituting life in any jivan are the most powerful in the Universe; and when Consciousness assesses and concludes that a person may not, with the mode of life adopted by him or her, be able to clear the load of imprints, there would be the thrust to add to the work force by drafting in a son or daughter.


So what you should do is to explain this science to the lady you choose to be your bride (you could leave this printed question and answer with her) and secure her informed consent for your decision. Convince her that what is good for the husband is good for the wife also, since soul (life-energy) has no features of sex.


Three couples had earlier sought the same advice (although for different reasons) as you are doing now; and all of them report contented and happy living even without becoming parents.



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