Question : My husband and myself met you while we were in India a few months back and since then we notice that beneficial changes have occurred in our outlook. Recently I had a dream of Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi visiting our daughter’s kindergarten school in Chennai. He was very fair and had a glow around him. I woke up and the time was 5-45 a.m. Is there any significance to the dream?                                         

(Padma, Washington DC, USA)     July 2001.


Sage TGN :     From your letter I am able to see that yourself and your husband have been intently listening to our Cassettes and as a natural consequence your mind becomes tuned in to the energy-fields of Ramana Maharishi, Bharati and Adi Sankara from time to time.


You came to know of our practical Philosophy after you had come to adult-stage. And you strongly yearn that your daughter studying in Standard I should get the benefits of the Philosophy in her childhood itself. That is the basis for your dream of Ramana Maharishi visiting your child’s school.


The imprints we have gathered have the character of reflecting as thoughts while we are awake and as dreams when we are sleeping. It is after understanding this Science that I found nightmares (frightening dreams) could be overcome by coming over to the Path of practical Philosophy.


Even children should be taught the exercise of composing oneself to sleep. Just before laying oneself down one should think as follows: “What all events that happened during the day are behind me. My tomorrow will start on a fresh note. Let me now have a spell of peaceful slumber.”


You will find such sleep very refreshing even if it be of shorter duration.



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