Question : I have understood from you that life is an agglomeration of basic energy-particles held within the physical body like air under pressure inside the cycle-tube. If so, will it not disperse straightaway after the death of the body?                 

(Kamakshi, West CIT Nagar)


Sage TGN :     The energy-particles constituting life are in constant self-rotation and they are held within the physical body by the vital fluid which alone has the strength and power to draw and carry them. When through damage, disease or ageing, the physical body is no longer able to retain the stock of vital fluid, the energy- particles exit from the body. They do have innately free velocity and should ordinarily escape into the universal field. But they are not able to do so because of the psychic load or burden of imprints accumulated by them through innumerable generations and still remaining uncleared. The energy- particles in this condition are still in agglomerated state and are called the “disembodied soul” in collective noun-form.


          As long as the corpse is not cremated or buried, the disembodied soul will only be hovering over it because that is what it has been associated with for the duration of a lifetime. It would not be visible to the naked eye but the camera for aura-photography (known as Kirlian photography) can capture its image as an outline around the corpse. (A neurosurgeon in Chennai has such photographs in his album.)


          At this stage the offspring of the dead person can draw it by the method of self-invocation, in which case it would become part and parcel of their life-energy. Sons and daughters could each draw a portion of the parent’s soul and the imprints carried by that segment would now have the physical medium to expend themselves. Should offspring (sons and daughters) alone do this? Not exclusively, but they are best-equipped for the purpose since they are from the same stock; they are chips off the old block.


          Life-partner, brothers and sisters, intimate friends and disciples of the deceased person could also draw a part of the life-energy but their position would, in the normal circumstance, be only secondary. The criterion is the closeness of the life-link and the fitness of the receptors of the survivors.


          Both in cremation or burial you would have observed that just before the pyre is lit or the refilling of the grave completed, there would be an announcement that whoever among the mourners wants to see “the face” of the dead person should come forward without delay. This ritual is significant because when a life-linked person has a last look of the face of the dear-departed, he would be doing so with intense feeling and it is at such a moment that the transfer of life-energy is effected.


          You would have seen the recent news-item about the second daughter Ms Yuko Obuchi (26) of the late Prime Minister of Japan Keizo Obuchi announcing her sudden decision to contest the forthcoming election for her father’s parliamentary seat. She had no intention whatsoever of entering politics but made up her mind “when I saw my father’s face shortly after he died.” The new imprints she has received have arisen in her mind as the thought, “I will take up those tasks which my father did not have the time to carry out.”


          This would serve as an illustration of the philosophy I have been giving out.



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