Question: What is Brahmacharya?


Sage TGN:


The word is actually “Brahmacharyam” which has been morphed by the Anglophile-Sanskrit fraternity. It is a compound-word resolving as “Brahman + Aachaaram”. As you already know, Brahman is the Source and Origin of the Universe and is variously called God, the Almighty, Jehovah, Sivam, Vishnu, Govindam and Meiporul. You are, you were and you will be That only. What has happened is that you have forgotten your own Origin after acquiring a physical form and name on arrival here in this Earth. Long associated with the innumerable names and forms here, you hypnotised yourself that you are a mere fraction, puny little being tossed about by the winds and waves of the world-process. The only corrective to this pathetic Ignorance is Remembrance and engaging in the process of reform is what is called spiritual pursuit.


When you travel by train do you forget your destination at any point of time? While being conscious and aware of it, is there any bar to enjoy the pleasures of the train journey such as looking at the changing scenery outside and tasting snacks brought from the pantry car? These enjoyments do not hinder or deflect you from the purpose of the journey.


Likewise, having identified the spiritual Goal, all of your subsequent activities should be rendered conducive to the journey. Your going to school, earning a living and acquiring a family are activities falling in the category.   

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