Question: When a desire is unfulfilled and we seek to counter the same it only gets further entrenched and intensified which generates unrest in the mind. How should I manage such a situation?


Sage TGN:


I have given out the method of countering only with reference to those Thoughts which, when translated into action, could bring misery to you or any other being. Good Thoughts on the other hand, are to be nurtured, and ways and means devised to bring them into appropriate deeds.


Say you are employed in an Organisation and your heart is set on promotion to higher cadre. Desire is also a Thought and there is nothing to fault in the present aspiration. Under the rules of the Organisation you should secure some additional qualification, maybe on-the-job training or academic acquisition through study outside. You do that and qualify yourself. But will the promotion be given to you the very next day? No, a natural vacancy has to arise through retirement or resignation of another employee. Is there any point in fuming and fretting during the waiting period? You should utilise the interregnum for some fruitful purpose such as recollecting and reflecting on the ideas you heard so far through our CDs.


In the West they say, “Deserve and Desire”. But we counsel, “Deserve and leave it at that. What you deserve will come to you of its own accord at the appropriate time.” When you plant a seed in your garden can you harvest the fruit the day after tomorrow? All in good time. It is against this background that Adi Sankarar advised you to put in your efforts to the best of your capacity and then intone “Parameswara priyartham” prior to relaxing. This is not a counsel of resignation but one born out of the firm knowledge that the Totality of Nature is what has to proffer the ultimate result in accordance with your deserving quotient.   

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