Question: I recently read about an incident relating to Ramana Maharishi’s Grace. A devotee by name Mr.Rao’s son was afflicted with smallpox and was in his last moments. The distraught father communicated his plight to the Ramanasramam and the patient recovered fully soon afterwards, much to the astonishment of doctors. Does this mean Bhagavan interfered in the course of Nature?


Sage TGN:


No, the incident only bears out Raman Maharishi’s averment that when a problem is brought to the attention of a Realised Soul, certain divine forces commence working and this brings benefit to the devotee. If a Sage feels he is doing it, the ‘I’ ego-thought has not left him and so he is not a Realised Soul. In the instant case cited by you the patient’s life-span was still there and it asserted itself. This scheme is not within the knowledge of human doctors. The niyati of nature was created by the Supreme which has also the authority to alter it according to its will. In such cases, the Realised Soul should be considered to have worked as a facilitator. In Andal Temple at Srivilliputtur, devotees address their prayers to the Lord through Andal.


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