Question:  I am appearing for the Plus 2 Exam this year. Friends tell me that however well I write, valuation of the answer-book would depend on the mood of the Examiner at that moment. I am much afraid! (Sheela, R.A.Puram)


Sage TGN:


A particular negative thought, planted by others, is what is generating fear in your mind. This is only a mischief of the mind that is untrained. Replace the negative thought with the positive one that the Examiner should be in a pleasant mood when he takes up your answer-book for valuation. Stress this new thought frequently and you will find peace returning to your mind. At this stage, expand your mind to another thought that the Examiner should be in good mood, even when he goes through the papers of your classmates. Now you will certainly feel fortified.

I shall explain the Science behind this advice on some future occasion or during a Lecture-programme. For the present, reflect on the fact as to how a smog in Indonesia could spread to Singapore. Was it not because the atmosphere over the Earth is one and undivided?


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