Question: I attended your Talks on “Life After Death”.  Would you kindly explain what should a spouse do when the life-partner passes away and there are no children in the family?                               (Anusuya, R.A.Puram, Chennai)



Sage TGN:  Son and daughter are the persons best equipped to invoke and absorb the life-energy of deceased parents since they are from the same stock.  It is against this background that Adi Sankarar by way of answer to the specific question, “What is a man’s next birth?” said, “His son, undoubtedly.”


Where a couple have no issue and one of them passes away, the surviving spouse would have to help out as the associate with the closest life-link established through years of having lived together.  The method is to concentrate the thought, “I will absorb the disembodied soul of my life-mate and fulfil the unfulfilled desires and aspirations that are deposited as imprints therein.  This way is called self-invocation.  The most suitable time to do this is while the dead body is still lying in state, awaiting interment or cremation, for the reason that the disembodied soul would be in a moisturised condition facilitating drawal.


The work does not stop here.  Remember what I have explained on previous occasions about the nature of the imprints to arise as thoughts while you are awake and as dreams during sleep.  After the self-invocation you would find some new thoughts occurring in you which you would be able to identify and classify as not your own.  These new thoughts could be good or otherwise; and so you have to evaluate them before implementation.  You might feel like giving a donation to an orphanage in the locality. Do so straightaway as it is a good thought which the departed did not have time to carry out.


Another type of thought could also surface, to be harsh or unkind to a relative who might have been intensely disliked by your partner.  Do not implement this thought as it is harmful, but counter it with the fresh thought of yours determinedly.  The original wrong thought induced in you would be blunted in due course and become extinct.  In effect it has been attended to and disposed of.


Childless couple would do well to come to the spiritual path and become stabilised in virtue, at least after crossing their productive years.  That is the most effective means to ensure that adverse imprints are not added.  The burden on the disembodied soul would be much less thereby.     

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