Question: You have said that on the demise of parents, their souls with the remnant imprints would be absorbed by their offspring.  My question is “What about the souls of childless couples?”                 (Krishnamurthy, Mylapore, Chennai)


Sage TGN: Childless couples, as also single persons should become aware in time that they have no-one to bequeath their imprints to and so should seek ways and means of clearing those imprints in their life-time.  I assert from personal experience even more than theory that such a method is possible of implementation.  Listen to me carefully.


When you come over to the path of Virtue as enjoined by me, you are actually adopting two principles of living: (i) Not harming or hurting any being through your action, word or thought; and (ii) making it a habit to go to the aid of any other being in distress to the extent you are able to.  This first principle ensures the pre-emption of adverse imprints from being added on to your store.  The second principle brings the blessings of grateful beings to your soul and that helps to increase the voltage (quality) of your life-energy which is now better equipped to loosen the hold of sanchita and prarabdha imprints.  Bearable pain-experiences therefore would clear those imprints.


It is only in this manner that childless couples and single persons have to seek release from their load of imprints and this has to be done in the remaining years of their allotted life-spans.  You will see that the situation brooks no delay.


My advice to you is: Ensure total harmony with your life-partner and come straightaway to the Path charted by me.  You will see the benefits in a matter of weeks.  How to assess the progress in the implementation of this method?  The agitations and fears in your mind would be noticeably reduced and that is the index.  This is because the mind is only a projection of the life-energy.  If the life-energy (soul) could be likened to a lamp the mind then is the light emanating from it.  Suppose some paint has fallen on your fluorescent tube, would not the light in the room be dim.  What do you do in the circumstances?  Of course scrape the paint off the tube.


As in other worldly activities, Self-Effort is the key to success in the task of purifying the soul too. Is this not more important than your day-to-day chores?   

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