Question: Ours is an affluent joint family and as the elder son, I am managing it. I am 50. My father who is now 75, has the habit of constantly finding fault with me and criticising me, whereas he is soft and indulgent towards my youngest brother who is easy-going. Why this injustice?               (Sankar, Balajinagar)


Sage TGN: Your father got married during the first half of this century, when “bride-seeing” was a perfunctory affair. It is when the glamour of marriage starts wearing off that the couple start taking notice of the foibles of each other. Your father found certain traits and habits in his wife which were not to his liking but, in the absence of expert counselling, he could do nothing but to endure them with resentment.


Every embryo gets the imprints of both of its parents; and it is likely that you have a sizeable share of your mother’s aspects not approved of by your father. Hence his dislike, of which he himself does not know the reason.


Now that you have become aware of the science of inherited imprints, you should consciously endeavour to overcome your animosity towards your father. Thereafter concentrate the thought that he too should shed his hostility and be fair and kind to you. The life-link between parents and offspring cannot be negated or wished away. It should be utilised to advantage.


If you adopt the method I have suggested you would be actually restructuring your inner personality and the change would work on your father too. It will take a few months, but the transformation is certain to come about. 

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