I would like to share this exhilarating experience with others. 

On New Year day I had been to my friend’s house (my neighbour for 15 years) in order to meet her son from USA who was on a four-week vacation. He is doing his Ph.d.  in the States. 

When I enquired about his life in the US, he said that he reads a lot of spiritual books.   He in turn asked me what I do.  I told him that I attend Practical Philosophy classes and started telling him about our Master.  At once he got up and showed me Master’s book ‘Practical Philosophy for Peace & Prosperity’.  I was overjoyed.   This book has been given to his younger brother by their uncle who has attended Master’s Talks in Mylapore.    

He was telling me that he found this book very very practical and simple and that it contained the best Teachings he has come across.  He was quoting many examples, which Master has given. I found that he has absorbed the Teachings to a very great extent.   He said that ever since he came to the spiritual path – which is for the past eight months, all his problems, whether in studies or personal life, get solved in an amazing manner.  He openly admits that he is very happy and not carried away by America. He is concentrating only on his thesis-work and the rest of the time he devotes to spiritual pursuits with like-minded friends — about 20 to 25 of them. Since he is on scholarship, he does not do any part-time work, but is able to meet his expenses from his allowance and also save. From his talk I could make out that he is putting to practice what he has read and assimilated. 

We were discussing Master’s Teachings for more than 2 ½ hours.  We did not know how time flew.   At the end of it there was total fulfilment.   

I told him that he must listen to Master’s Talks and gave him two CDs ‘Purpose of Life’ and ‘Pattinathar Life & Message’, and the book “Why many Gods & Other Questions”. I told him to see the Foundation’s website and also post his queries if any.


Mahalakshmi, Chennai.


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