I am seeing the Foundation announcements regularly in the website.


I am listening to the snippets also which are very refreshing and form a reminder to me. I have seen the notice regarding the Spiritual Training from Nov 12 -16.


At home, we are discussing on the various thoughts that have set into us, gratefully to the Contact of Shri Master in our lives. Every time I listen to a Talk, I get to gain new view points of life and its purpose.


It was around the Deepavali of 2013, that I started listening to CDs regularly. This has given me new path in life which I should practise fully. I am now able to analyse the cause of my troubles and find remedies. Even when I feel dejected at certain events, I am able to come out of them soon and analyse from outside the issue, thanks to The Philosophy.


The best method to pay reverence to Shri Master is to abide by His Philosophy and Teachings.


My husband does Parayanam of Naalayira Divya Prabhandam every day, almost every free minute, he reads them. I told him how Master had great regard for the work and also about Bharathiyar's knowledge of the same.


There is less TV seeing at home, almost down by 80%. Newspapers and events are less discussed.



My Regards and Respects to Shri Master.


Kalpagam, Hyderabad




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