I heard about the News of Ayya's Videha Mukthi.


I recall one of Tirukkural Couplets which Ayya used to tell often


மற்றும் தொடர்ப்பாடு எவன்கொல் பிறப்பறுக்கல்

உற்றார்க்கு உடம்பும் மிகை


I and my wife are convinced that Ayya is still alive in the form of his Teachings, CDs and books.


We feel that as long as we keep in touch with Ayya's energy field, Ayya will also be with us, until we become One with Him (மெய்பொருள்)


While Addressing Factory Workers, Ayya had told them 'If someone had taught me these concepts in my young age, I would not have done my masters degree. I would have finished just a degree or diploma and would have joined a factory or company job. And I would be spending all my earnings in doing service to my Spiritual Master'.


Such was the inspired service of His devotees, who are thereby fortunate and Blessed.


ஜயமுண்டு பயமில்லை மனமே இந்த ஜன்மத்திலே விடுதலை உண்டு நிலை உண்டு

ஜயமுண்டு பயமில்லை மனமே.


Jayendra Bharati, Srividhya, Chennai




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