The 45-day Programme on Andal’s Tiruppavai as a Scripture of Wisdom concluded at the premises of our Foundation on the 14th January 2007. Master Himself conducted the Programme every day and that added a new dimension to the Spiritual energy of the participants. We could actually experience strength flowing from Him to implement the Philosophy in day-to-day life.


            We give below the experiences of some of the participants:




            The benefits that have accrued to me personally as a result of attending the 45 Classes on Tiruppavai cannot be described in words. I list but a few of the assets:


(1)  Agitation has totally subsided in my mind.

(2)  Harmony has come to prevail in my family.

(3)  The problems of day-to-day life do not scare me.

(4)  I have been able to fortify myself in the resolve to remain single and pursue spiritual objectives apart from rendering service in the fields of education.


If I had not come to know our Master, I would have lived and passed out liked a worm on this earth. What I have been vouchsafed is a new life, which I shall put to fruitful use.


Venkatesan, Chennai




Along with my family-members I have been listening to our Master’s Talks on Tiruppavai on the CD every day without fail. During the prescribed ‘nonbu’ () period of 45 days the benefits, material and subtle, that have come our way are too numerous to be listed. I came to know Master in Madurai some 20 years ago and since then He has been of unfailing help to me in all aspects of my life. Tiruppavai has taught me that I should not stagnate nor be complacent. I should persevere until I reach the goal of Realisation. I would like to render what all service I can from here in Germany.


Karthik, Frankfurt




            I am Engineer by Training and so the scientific explanations given by our Master impressed me immensely. Bt attending the Tiruppavai Talks for 45 days, I feel that I have been able to reconstruct my inner personality. I have been discussing the Practical Philosophy of our Master with like-minded friends and they also report heartening results to the extent they translate the Teachings into practice.


            Before coming to the spiritual path of the Master we have only been mendicants with grand ideas of becoming Masters. The important Truth learnt by me was that as long as I am a slave to my senses I cannot become Master of the Universe. Previously while travelling by motorcycle I used to be attracted by cinema hoardings on the roadside and would remain gazing at them even though there was risk to my life in the heavy traffic. This demeaning habit withered all of a sudden when I attended Master’s Talk one day and it has not returned since. That was a big step forward for me and it boosted my confidence.


            I could overcome sensual attractions on understanding Master’s Philosophy that we derive enjoyment only by expending our life-energy, which is the sole capital that we have. I had not even bestowed any thought on the life-energy till now and so the revelation came to me as a revolution. I could impart the lesson to members of my family too.


            Every day during the Tiruppavai Programme I could see myself as a witness to my own improvement, stage-by-stage, and step-by-step. Overcoming likes and dislikes was a hard struggle, no doubt. But now my mind is in stable equilibrium and is able to grasp the subtle points of Master’s Philosophy. The example of water being more powerful than ice, and steam having even more power than running water, because it is the subtlest of the three stages appeal to me very much. 


            I am maintaining a daily report of my own improvement and would like to express my gratitude through service in all forms possible. Master has defined dedication as gratitude in action. He has also set forth categorically that Virtue is movement towards Jnaanam (Wisdom) and that Wisdom in action is Virtue.


            May I be blessed to practise virtue in all aspects of my life and may I be blessed with Wisdom in this very birth through the Master’s Grace!


Rajju, Chennai




            My wife had to go in for surgical treatment but the matter could not be decided for three long years due to the customary fear of the word “operation”. Finally the surgery could no longer be postponed. The date was fixed and it was at this juncture that my wife and I came to attend Master’s Talks on Tiruppavai for four days in a row. That was dy/dx = 0 and proved to be the turning point and the result was maximum. Master’s Grace worked as a miracle. The Classes helped my wife to remain in a very calm mood prior to surgery and she listened to the various CDs of Master.


            Days prior to the surgery, the search was on for donors of blood, of a group which is very rare. On the day of admission to the hospital we had only two units as against the requirement of four. Two donors unexpectedly rang up at the last moment and said they had donated to the Blood Bank. Thus one requirement was fulfilled without any effort on our part. I just had to concentrate on other aspects of hospitalisation and surgery. On the eve of the surgery the scan threw up a new dimension to the doctor herself. She said that things might be complicated and added that she would have to think hard that night before the surgery. My wife and myself devoted that night to hearing the second day Talk of Tiruppavai on CD rendered by our Master. The Message just suited the patient and she slept peacefully.


            Woken up early morning on Wednesday for the surgery, the patient went confidently to the theatre. The only Message I gave her was a quotation from Master’s Talk: “Bhagavan will remember Kitty, if Kitty remembers Bhagavan”. I told her, the only face in her mind’s eye should be that of the Master, the only thought should be of the Master and the rest would be taken care of by the Master. For me it was minute by minute with the Master, and the book in my hand was “Day by Day with Bhagavan” by Devaraja Mudaliar.


            The surgery was completed to the utmost surprise of the doctor of four decades’ experience. She was more relieved than the patient or me. She said she had nothing to explore. She compared it to removing an apple placed on one’s head — not with an arrow, but with a scalpel! It passed off so simply — what for non-believers would have been a miracle.


            “Ask and it shall be given”, “Knock and it shall be opened unto you”, says the Bible. In this case both eventuated without me asking. Nature asked and knocked on my behalf and also delivered to me through the Master’s Grace. I was relieved even of the burden of asking.


            The patient has been discharged and is recovering fast. Right from convincing her of the need for surgery till the recovery, the process has been dictated and handled by the Master and His Philosophy. We are all convinced that Master’s Philosophy alone is in tune with Nature.


Sitaraman, Chennai









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