We felt so happy to view the Website  of the Foundation — just like a person who stumbled into his lost treasure.  We are very grateful for our Master’s grace. This Website will do the work of a lighthouse, guiding us to the Absolute and giving protection from wayside wanderings. Thanks for the entire team who created this. Also for the invaluable updates.

Sasirekha , Chennai

I am happy to see the Website. I am sure the Website would fulfil the aspirations of thousands of seekers in attaining jivanmukti during their lifetime. I am proud to be one among the devotees. I appreciate the efforts taken by you in propagating the mission of Sage TGN. 

Chandrasekar, Chennai


Thank you very much for the Website. It is vara prasadham for those like me living abroad.

Lakshmanan, UAE


I wish to thank you most deeply for all the efforts that you have taken in spreading our Master TGN's Teachings. Your efforts and activities reach out to numerous people in innumerable ways. At sometime in the future, I do hope I would have the privilege of helping the Foundation in its noble mission.

Charles Selestine, Doha.


I am really delighted and happy to see that the TGNFoundation’s Website is back!! I am not finding words to describe my happiness to read our Master’s Teachings online sitting in a distant land.

As always, I would be more than happy to support in any form to spread Master's teachings. Please let me know. 

Please convey my Pranams to Master. 

Karthik, Frankfurt


Congratulations. All the best wishes for the Organisation.

Foundation TGN <tgnfoundation@gmail.com> wrote:

We are happy to inform you that the website of the TGN Foundation has become operational and can be accessed at www.tgnfoundation.org.

            We shall be including summaries of and excerpts from our Master's Talksin our bulletins from time to time.







TEL 2620 7896





Thank you for sending this mail. In fact immediately after opening the mail, when I saw the Message it gave me immense happiness. Further when I opened the site I started getting ananda kanneer (tears of joy). The site is very good.

Gowthaman, Chennai


I pray that the Website you have launched grows to be a popular one and is a source of enlightenment to many who are on the spiritual path.

Ramamoorthy, Bangalore


Thank you for the updates in the INSIGHT section of Website. This is very helpful to track the contents of Master’s Talks.

Vijay Kumar, AbuDhabi


I constantly read the articles in the Website. Those are the only sources to charge me with spiritual strength in this foreign land.

Vahini, USA

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