A Spiritual Training Programme based on Andal’s Tiruppavai as a Scripture of Wisdom commences on Friday, the 1st December 2006. The classes would be held at 7.00 p.m. for 45 days in succession. The energy-field of the Saint-Poetess of Tamil Nadu, who lived in the 8th century A.D., is such as to confer prosperity on those who are enabled to get in contact with it. Hence has it been said:




The prowess it is that yields

             plenitude and prosperity

       vast as the infinite

 blue as the sky.   


Such is Andal’s field

             of spiritual energy

and they who come to listen

             to my account of

her Reign of Grace

             are assured of attaining to

the sweetness of Unison

             with the Absolute

here in this world

             and in this very birth …

                                                  –– Sage TGN


            In this context, we give below an article written by Sage TGN on Andal:





            Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar was a perspicacious Carnatic musician of the last century and we are beholden to him for his notating and popularising the perfervid pasurams (divine lyrics) of Andal compiled in two works of lilting literature, Tiruppavai and Nachiar Tirumozhi. Of the two, Tiruppavai comes in the literary genre known a ‘Attrupadai’ meaning ‘a code of guidance’. The soul, en effect (French for ‘in effect’) is guided to its goal. Andal who is only known as ‘Kodhai’ in her works (‘Andal’ was a title conferred on her by the Pandyan King of Madurai whose name was Vallabha Devan, at the time of the Arangetram of Nachiar Tirumozhi in a grand festival at Srivilliputhur, the birthplace of the Saint-Poetess), delineates the royal road to liberation in Tiruppavai and also coaches and leads the earnest seekers who are in various levels of understanding. That is the significance of her awakening the sleepers and calling upon them to join her Sat-sang (company of aspirants who are intent on securing Union with the Origin, the Primordial State, Narayana). The last stretch of the spiritual journey has to be traversed by each soul on its own motive power; and Nachiar Tirumozhi portrays the travails of the jivan before it attains its Goal in a superhuman effort where life itself is placed as the wager and the password is ‘All or nothing’.


            Andal sets out this uncompromising resolve through a telling example: “Materials for performing yagam have been assembled by the priests and the participants.  Just then a wild beast runs in, sniffs at the articles and stamps over them before scurrying away. Would the materials desecrated in this manner  be still considered fit as offerings to the demigods?” asks Andal who proceeds, “Likewise this physical body  of mine has been vouchsafed for the journey of the indwelling soul in order that I may attain Union with my Lord who is One and One only. If there is even a mere whisper of talk that this physical frame is to be offered to a human, then that very instant I shall cease to exist!” A terrible vow this, which freed her from the customs and constraints of the world-process, smashed all opposition and obstacles to her spiritual quest and took her to her goal in a surge of Effulgence.


            The basic principle in sringara bhakti (amorous devotion) is that all the souls (jivans) in the prapancham (Universe) are female and the only purusha (male consort) for them is the Lord, Who is the sole Source and Origin, Paraman, irreversible Union with Whom is the consummation known as ‘Jiva-Brahma Iykyam’ or Jivan-mukthi.


            This commitment of the awakened jivan transformed Andal’s devotion into volcanic ferocity. She alone, of all jnaanis, was prepared to take on even seven more births or seven times seven, if the goal was to be attained only through such ordeal. “That is the one desire in my heart”, she avers and adds, “If other desires were to creep in, it is for You to denude me of them”. This is no imploration but a command and her diligence ensured that it was carried out in her lifetime, ‘here on this very Planet,’ as she certifies and concludes her odyssey on a note of victorious exultation.


            Blessed are we today, who have come into the reign of Andal’s benign Grace!


        --Excerpt from Sage TGN’s Talk on

Andal’s Tiruppavai: Scripture of Wisdom


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