Talks on Andal’s Tiruppavai


                The 45-day Training Programme based on Andal’s Tiruppavai as a Scripture of Wisdom is progressing as scheduled in Chennai and many centers and homes in other cities in and outside India. The participants in these sessions are reporting spectral benefits; and we give below a  cross-section of the feed-back :


(1)  Three persons afflicted with the viral-fever called chikun-gunya staged a remarkable recovery within days, although doctors had told them that the after-effects of the illness would last for three weeks during which they should learn to endure joint-pain and muscular ache.


Our Master’s explanation of the phenomenon of quick recovery is this: The life-energy has to maintain our physical as also mental activities. During ailments, more of the life-energy is required to balance the physical needs. Andal’s power, when derived through communion with it, brings the mind to peace; and so more of the stock of life-energy is made available to tackle the disease.



(2)            Mr. Karthikeyan of Frankfurt, Germany writes: “We were eagerly looking forward to December 1st when the Tiruppavai programme would commence. The entire family listens to Master’s discourse every evening at 7 p.m. Our little son, who is studying in Elementary School, is not familiar with the Tamil language. But he too sits with us quietly and at the close of the Talk, asks me to tell him the stories related by Master. He refers to the parables which are ever-fresh.”


                                    In regard to this experience Master comments that it proves Adi Sankarar’s maxim that spiritual knowledge could be imparted to children even, if the appropriate methodology is adopted.


(3)            Mr. Ravi of Chennai says : “Listening to Master’s Talks on Tiruppavai has been an uplifting experience. We in our family, listen to the Talks in CD both in the morning and in the evening. There is a festive atmosphere in the entire home. We do not at all feel that Andal lived in a remote age in the past, but is actually leading us by the hand here and now. She is waking us from our slumber of Ignorance and takes us along on a divine journey. My wife in the midst of her day-to-day activities in the kitchen and while teaching in school, experiences her mind settling in supreme Peace at frequent intervals. The assurance of AndalNarayananae namakkae parai tharuvan” (He is Narayanan and He Himself would surely present to us the drum for this our penance chosen) echoes powerfully in her mind.


                        “The special feature of these Talks (invocation may be a better word) is the graphic images projected in the vision of our mind. While relating ‘Vaiyathu Vazhveergal (O ye people all living in the world-process!) how wonderfully does our Master say that it is a call to all of us of the present generation and also to future generations. Again instead of Do’s and Don’ts, Andal adroitly says “We shall forswear ghee and milk also’. Master mentions the emphasis on ‘We’.


                        Mr. Ravi continues, “The spiritual mood generated by Master’s Talks on Tiruppavai is such that we will not at all be surprised if there is a knock at our door in the early hours one morning and we find Andal herself having come to call us to join in the penance! We are of the view that the programme based on Andal’s Tiruppavai should not be just for 45 days but all through 365 days. Yesterday I showed on the website Master’s poem ‘Andal’s Reign of Grace’ to my wife and son and they were overwhelmed by the beauty and power of the verse.”



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