“A series of Classes had been arranged in a multi-storied complex once and I was staying in a flat there for a few weeks. Late one evening, the watchman of the building came in with a family-problem:  His brother’s son had some difficulty in school which the parent could not attend to, since he (the parent) was a daily wage-earner and was not able to get leave. The boy was distraught for a few days and then he did not return home one evening, nor, as it transpired, had he attended school that day.


            “The family sought the aid of an astrologer who, for a hefty fee, said sapiently that there was a ‘crisis’ in the boy’s horoscope, to be rescued from which certain propitiatory archanas had to be done on a daily basis in a temple nearby, the priest wherein was incidentally a relative of his! Tens of rupees had been expended but there was no sign of the missing boy.


            “I explained to the watchman that the boy should be somewhere and all that the family required now was (i) to ensure his safety wherever he may happen to be; and (ii) to secure some message regarding his whereabouts. For this, the family should refrain from mutual recriminations among its members and intensify their combined thought in the direction of the aforesaid relief. Astrologers are not equipped to give constructive counselling, most of them being only glib talkers imposing on the gullible public.


            “The watchman took my advice and organised his brother’s family to do the sankalpa night and morning. On the fourth day a kindly gentleman, in whose house the boy had been working as domestic since he left home and school, brought him back. The employer found him diligent and honest but the boy would not reveal his background. On the night before, however, the lad had woken up crying for his mother. The gentleman managed to obtain his address then and restored him to his parents. Later in the day he also went to the boy’s school and used his good offices to get the student transferred to another section, thereby solving the main problem too.


            “This was the sixth case of this nature brought to me and in all of them the boys returned home. I am relating this so that you may realise the value of the life-link that exists between parents and children, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters.  Whenever a member of a family is in some serious difficulty others should go to his or her aid through the medium of the thought-process that can span space and time, without your having to incur any monetary expenditure. For this process to be effective, you have to fortify and train your mind to be friendly to you, and not weaken you by generating imaginary fears and anxieties. Charlatans would not help you to strengthen your mind, for the simple reason that they have a vested interest in the weakness of their clients’ intellects!”


— Sage TGN


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