A participant in our Spiritual Training Programme for the past six years has communicated his experience as follows : “Some ten years back I was initiated into Kundalini Yogam, but in Meditation I could not progress beyond Agna chakram to Turiam or Turiatheetham. Subsequently I practised Kaya Kalpa Yogam but had to abandon it as I developed throat-trouble. These setbacks created depression in my mind, very heavy at times. Only after I came to the Path of Wisdom (Jnaana Margam) as delineated by you did the depression abate and disappear altogether. I am at a loss for words to express my gratitude to you, Sir!”


            This succinctly-worded experience of the aspirant goes to bear out two findings I have been emphasising all along: (i) That what is called Yogam (abominably abbreviated into “Yoga” by pundits and Anglophiles!) is peripheral to the task of Liberation; and (ii) that mental depression and misery in life will not be dispelled until you come to Jnaanam (Wisdom).


            As I have explained on earlier occasions, the word “Yogam” means “Union”. It is the opposite of “Viyogam” which stands for “separation”. In the Ramayanam (not Ramayana!) Sita defines Hell as the state when the soul is separated from her Lord and Master; and Heaven is when the two are in inseparable union.


            And at what at point of time did this separation of the individual soul (Jivatama) from the Absolute (Paramatma) occur, Sirs ? Never. Inhabiting the physical body which has a form (roopam) and was given name (naamam) for the purpose of worldly identification, the Jivan carved out for itself a miserly corner and imagined itself to be on its own. It is all a mischief of the mind that became hardened through crores of births; and now you are here steeped in misery and unending anxiety, stresses, strains and tensions and casting about for a way out which is nowhere in sight. The mind created the entanglement and the mess and it has to disentangle itself. Make bold to take responsibility for your present predicament, as the first step, or reconcile yourself to live out in anguish and fear. The choice is yours!


            Can you deny that the atmosphere enveloping the Earth is one and indivisible? Are not the oceans surrounding the land-masses of the world but one expanse of water although you have slipped into the habit of nomenclaturing them as Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific ! While so, can you ever be apart from your own material and effective Cause which is the Absolute, the static State and the Source and Origin of all the objects and appearances in the Universe ? Think along these lines and come to your own conclusion, which you should then proceed to implement. Do you need another William Shakespeare to come and tell you :

            ‘What’s in a name ? that which we call a rose

             By any other name would smell as sweet’ ?


            The Practical Philosophy offered by our Foundation is in the nature of a life-boat given to you. It has a built-in magnetic compass to show the direction, day and night. With these aid and implement, you should find your way to the shore, navigating the ocean of the world-process (samsara sagaram). Remember, wind and wave are for the brave.


Sage TGN

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