Hastamalakam III




            Having declared in Verse II that he has no social duties or obligations, Hastamalakan proceeds to describe what he really is, by giving some examples, the first of which is the sun blazing in the skies and being a dispassionate witness to the activities down here on the Earth.


            All the beings on our planet function in a variety of ways during the day but the sun cannot be saddled with any responsibility for any worldly work. For instance, a spiritual seeker studies the scripture in daylight and he works his way to a higher level of Consciousness. On the other hand, a criminal forges a document using the same light of the sun but he has, in due course, to pay the price for his sins. The sun is only a common factor, which is to be left out of the equation. Is it not a mathematical derivative that if  a + b = b + c, then  a = c,   'b' being only a common factor?


            Clouds traverse the blue sky, which is only a projection of sunlight but after the clouds have cleared the sky is as bright as before with no mark left on it. Birds fly about in the atmosphere, but do they leave their claw-marks on the sky? The sky is stainless all the time although it provides the backdrop to clouds and birds and in our time, aeroplanes.


            In the position and status of the sun is Meiporul (Brahman) that is the Source and Origin (fons et origo, to put it in Latin) of the Universe.


            The objects and appearances we identify in the Universe are effects in the functioning state of Meiporul which Itself is always nirguna (i.e.) free of qualities. Take water for example. We know it is composed of hydrogen, which is a combustible gas and oxygen which supports combustion. But together they constitute water, which has the totally opposite characteristic of extinguishing fire. Do H2 and O2 lose their inherent qualities in H2O?  No, Sirs, as would be proved when you electrolyse water which process will yield you H2 and O2 again.


            Hastamalakan citing the sun by way of illustration is on all fours with the scientific example of H2O. "I am not this physical body, nor the mind, nor the life that activates both, but I am Meiporul which is the core and centre of everything in the Universe" – is the strident message that the 13-year-old lad seeks to convey.


            Having identified himself as Meiporul, Hastamalakan says he is wholly free of upadhis (adjuncts). Sama-bhavam (equipoise) is the hallmark of this Sakshi-bhavam.



— Excerpt from Sage TGN’s Talk on Hastamalakam

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