Hastamalakam IV




            In answer to the specific question, "Who are you?" from his Master Adi Sankara, the 13-year-old Hastamalakan proceeds to identify himself as the one without the second. As the second example he cites Agni (fire).


            With our limited perception we take Fire to be an object. Actually Fire is only an Appearance made up of two qualities Heat and Light, which are inextricably linked to each other. Fire would cease to be Fire if Heat or Light could be taken away from it.


            Meiporul (Brahman) is Self-Effulgent, says Hastamalakan and in its Light alone glow the objects and appearances in the Universe ranging from the biggest of stars to the tiniest particle of dust. "Verily that Meiporul I am," asserts the inspired lad who has not an iota of doubt in his mind regarding his identity.


            Man is having three categories of limbs — saangam, upaangam and pratyangam. Saangam is that which cannot be separated from him — his head, legs and arms. Upaangam is the dress and chappals he wears which form part of his person but could be discarded. Pratyangam is that which is apart from him but which he accesses for specific needs — table and chair and vehicle. Man takes extraordinary care to protect his saangam even at the cost of the other two — upaangam and pratyangam.


            In the same way, what is saangam to the soul or Atma? Consciousness undoubtedly. The soul assembles a physical body for its own purpose and the physical body is its upaangam. When the purpose for embodiment is completed, the soul is able to discard the body and go its way. While inhabiting the body, the soul acquires a variety of relationships such as spouse and son and daughter which are all in the nature of pratyangam.


            In the light of this knowledge what should we bestow utmost care on and nurture? Only Consciousness. But are we doing that? No, Sirs, because so far we have not even taken cognizance of it. We nurture our physical body with tasty food and we tend our family, day in and day out. But the poor Soul which is the very substratum of your being is left to tend for itself as best as it might.


            Now, how are we to nurture our Soul? By not squandering our life-energy through emotional moods and by not acquiring sin-imprints which become a burden on the soul.


            "Re-order your priorities if you have any concern for yourself or face the consequences at your peril", warns Hastamalakan between the lines.


            Did not Jesus the Christ say, "Render, therefore, unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's"?


— Excerpt from Sage TGN’s Talk on Hastamalakam

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