“The propulsive power of Evolution goes beyond keeping you on your toes; it is projecting you onward; and if you tend to stagnate you would only be wasting your potential in attempting the impossible. What would be the result if your car-engine is running while the brake is on? Would it not amount to squandering of petrol (or herbal fuel, if you please!) even as you are inviting trouble from the mass of traffic piling up behind you on the highway?


“From plant-life which has only one sense, that of touch, we have come up to six-sensed human level; and would anyone take this all to be a mere accident, a tale without purpose or meaning? If life on this planet has no aim or goal, would not living itself become an absurdity? Yet the instinct for survival is there in all of us even in the thick of adversities. An ailing person is prepared to have a few of his limbs amputated in order to continue living. Physically-handicapped and deformed men marry and bring forth progeny knowing full well the problems ahead and the risks involved. Has medical science or any other material science sought an explanation for this basic instinct on the part of all living beings to want to continue living and perpetuate their respective species?


“Suppose a schoolboy does not pass in the annual examinations. Would he not have to remain in the same class, reading the same lessons and doing the same sort of homework until he qualifies to get past the barrier? That is the lot of the human race today, which is leading a repetitive existence, generation after generation. We do all that our parents did; and they in their time did what their forebears had done. This is certainly not an instance of imitation being the best form of flattery!


“Is not your daily routine itself unvarying ad nauseam? You wake up with a start to the call of the alarm-bell, gobble some fast-food for breakfast, pick up your battered briefcase and rush out to office or factory. Spending eight hours there on humdrum chores and another four hours for commuting, you return home fatigued, to watch TV for a while before ‘hitting the hay’ (which expression is Wild-West colloquial for ‘going to bed’). What you did yesterday, you do today; and what you do today you would be doing tomorrow also until you are superannuated.


“Thereafter, with time hanging heavily on your hands, you would not know what to do with yourself; and thus does the tragi-comedy of life come to a colourless close. A certain monarch of England is remembered only in one statement in History: ‘Queen Anne is dead!’  If you pause to think about it, all of us are Queen Annes, notwithstanding the preening and posturings we indulge in while ‘drest in a little brief authority.’


“By saying this I have not sought to paint a dreary picture of life, but only highlighted the ennui of the living process that is weighing down on you like an incubus. With just one spurt of endeavour you could breathe the air of freedom and fearlessness. That endeavour is to get to know the purpose of life and realise that the Totality of Nature has equipped the human race with the sixth sense which is intended to devise a mode of living that would ensure peace and happiness. Pain-producing activities should be eschewed with determination and your relationships rationalised one by one. It is only when you interact with the world-process that it, in turn, counteracts with you; and by modulating the reaction of your mind, you would succeed in conserving your peace. This is the first step for spiritual development.”


(Excerpt from a Lecture by Sage TGN)

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