“There is an insect called mayfly which lives for less than 24 hours.  A mosquito has a life-span of two months and a rat runs about for two years.  These beings do all what a human does, expect going to school and college and earning a living.  They too hurry hither and thither for food, they too seek the company of the opposite sex and bring forth progeny like Xerox-copies !


      “Coming to think of it, two factors are overwhelmingly  present in the psyche of all living beings: (i) the instinct for survival even against odds; and (ii) the urge to ensure continuity of species.  It is for the first of these requirements that Nature has fitted out every being with sting or nails or teeth.  For fulfilment of the second need, certain hormones are generated at the appropriate age in the metabolic routine.  When there is hormonal imbalance of a particular order, a need would come to be felt for seeking the company of the other sex.  In beings on the lower scales of evolution up to animals, the urge abates once the hormonal balance is restored.


      “Any surplus within the physical body is a burden that manifests as unrest; and the excretion of the surplus is experienced as pleasure by the mind although actually it is only relief.


         “The sixth sense is absent in lesser beings up to animals and they live by instinct.  The tiger, for instance ceases hunting for prey when its abdomen is filled for the day and it does not catch and store deer or sheep for the morrow and the days after.  So is their preoccupation with the opposite sex.


            “Man alone, of all living beings, has the sixth sense.  That is why the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)- do even Professors of Literature remember him these days? – called man ‘the roof and crown of things’. The sixth sense is endowed to man by Nature so that he may embark on the inquiry to ascertain the purpose of life and devise ways and means to get that purpose fulfilled.  But, alas, the homo-sapien is putting the sixth sense to all uses except the primary purpose ! The thought of the transient pleasure of meeting the need to continue his own species is stored and remembered by the sixth sense which makes him hanker for it again and again even after the basic need is past.  This thought results in over-expending of the life-energy, which alone is any living being’s opening balance or Capital.  Don’t you hear a sad J. Krishnamurti warning you, ‘A life was given to you, the most precious thing possible.  And what have you done with it?  You have distorted it’.


      “The pressure for the perpetuation of the clan is the outcome of the soul’s imperative need to clear the imprints it has acquired through the generations.  Any object or article has an inherent quality.  For example, coolness is the inherent quality of the water.  When poured in a vessel and placed over fire, water acquires heat, which is not natural to it.  Effort is required to induce a quality into an object, which thereafter would be striving on its own to shed the addition.  Likewise the soul.  In the embodied condition, it projects as the mind, becomes cribbed  and cabined (as Shakespeare would put it), engenders the ego branching out as the ‘I’ and ‘Mine’ notions, develops likes and dislikes (ragam and dwesham), slips into the six temperamental moods ranging from kamam to matscharyam and draws on to itself countless stigmas in the form of imprints.


          “In its sustained endeavour to restore itself to its native state of  pristine purity, when the soul realizes that the job of clearance cannot be completed in the course of the physical body’s life-time, it has perforce to rope in some working partners in the shape of spouse and sons and daughters.  When this work-force too is in the same state of intoxication with worldly objects; the family-line has to necessarily continue from generation to ignorant generation.  History repeats itself in a most ignoble and inglorious manner. What shame, this !


“I have explained to you the science behind marriage.  The institution of marriage has to be harnessed to what the Totality of Nature intended it to be.  In case some of you, boys and girls, would prefer to remain single for life, it is possible for you to do so, as long as you evolve a scheme of living, which would aid the clearing of imprints.  I shall share more information with you, depending on the earnestness you display during the question-time for which we could perhaps allot an hour even”



(Excerpt from a Lecture by Sage TGN to college-students)

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