You should have seen your parents who went to cast their votes in the recent Lok Sabha Elections re-turning with a dot on their fore-finger.  The dot cannot be washed off by ordinary means because, on drying, the ink has become entwined with the cells of the skin.  The tenacity of the imprint depends on the intensity of its qualitative application. 


Similar are the imprints of your thoughts and deeds on your psychic-psycho-physical system.  Cycling, swimming and type-writing, once learnt are not forgotten and can be recalled and utilized at any time later.


The lessons you learn are imprinted in your brain-cells.  You are still able to declaim “Baa, Baa, Black sheep” taught in UKG and the multiplication-tables crammed in standard V.


Suppose you are reading now a lesson in Chemistry.  It would appear to be clear to start with but unless you close the book and mentally list out the properties of oxygen, your memory will play truant in the examination-hall.  This is because one level of the mind receives the information, the storing of which has to be done at another level.    Conscious effort is required for this.


When I was taught the principle of the three orders of the Lever in school with Fulcrum, weight and Power being respectively in the middle, the science teacher, a kindly gentleman wearing a turban, gave out a sentence for easy remembrance.  It was “Father went Papanasam” If I still know about the Lever after half-a-century, it is because of that sentence !


Are you not able to list out the nine planets of the solar system with aplomb, merely by calling to mind the helpful sentence ”My Very Educated Mother Just Showed us Nine Planets” where the first ‘M’ stands for Mercury and ‘P’ in the end for Pluto.  Coin your own sentences as such memory-aids.


If you are confronted by a difficult question, do not panic.  Remember that you have prepared will and tackle the question to the best of your ability.  If it is out-of-syllabus or has been erroneously drafted, you will be given full marks, but only if you have answered it.


And lastly, on coming out of the hall, do not indulge in post-mortem of your Answers with your classmates or parents.  Go home straight, rest or play for a while and start revising for the next day’s Exam.  Post-mortem can be done at leisure, after all the Exams are over. 


Sage TGN

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