Value of Guru’s Grace


          Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi was once walking along a tank-bund, accompanied by some devotees, when he saw a palmyra tree into which a bird had dropped a banyan-seed. This seed had sprouted within the host-tree and was now spreading out its branches, stunting the growth of the palmyra.


          “This is how the Grace of a Jnaani (Sage) works,” said Bhagavan. “The banyan-seed is miniscule in size, but the tree growing out of it has overwhelmed the palmyra. One look from the Jnaani penetrating into your soul could dispel straightaway the entire load of vaasanaas accumulated through long cycles of previous births. This effect can never be achieved through rites and rituals or penances and pilgrimages”.


          A quote from the Persian Poet-philosopher Hafiz, “One moment with a Perfect Master is the equivalent of a hundred years of sincere prayer and meditation done with all your heart and soul”.


Excerpts from the Talks of Sage TGN

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