Aeroplane-travel has become extremely hazardous during the last few decades and the dangers do not seem to be lessening, but, on the other hand multiplying in recent times. On boarding a plane, you cannot be certain that you would be able to disembark in your destination as printed on the ticket. You may find yourself abandoned in some faraway country to which the aircraft had been directed by a handful of terrorists who were your co-passengers. Then follows a sickeningly-familiar pattern of the Government of your mother-country holding negotiations with the hijackers and ultimately capitulating to their demands including release from jail of their colleagues and assurance of safe-conduct to their own country where they would hatch further plots, having tasted blood.


            A rescue-plane brings you back, worn-out and dishevelled; and who is to recompense you for the trauma you would carry on your psyche for life?


            No solution is in sight to this serious problem; and as for our religious leaders of all hues, they are tongue-tied and looking the other way. They have their own security to bother about and it is a case of each one for himself and the devil take the hindmost.


            Having said this much, I should also tell you how to manage the crisis if you are among the passengers in a hijacked plane. First and foremost, remember what I have told you a number of times that your individual life-span has been unalterably fixed at the point of the embryo-formation itself. While so, no hijacker can deprive you of your life until the appointed time comes. This conviction should put courage in your heart; and then you go to step two. Develop the thought intensely that those around you should overcome their fear and become peaceful bit by bit. Since you are now a centre of peace, the effect of this sankalpam would be experienced in an unmistakable manner, which process may take a few hours. Now place the thought, ‘We, the innocent passengers, have no dispute with the terrorists who should settle their demands with the Government. Let them not harm us in any way’. In this step, the hijackers are also drawn into your circle of peace and without their realising it, they would be softened and be inclined to scale down their demands, leading to an eventual resolution of the problem.


            The strategy I have given out may sound simple but it is very potent. In any case, it would lift your mind from helplessness to commence with. Instead of reacting to the hijackers you are acting on them and would not that itself be a distinct gain, a silver lining, in fact, of the dark cloud of despair?


                                                                                                                                                  ---Sage TGN



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