O Lord enshrined in

                      hallowed Chidambaram!

          Grant me the Wealth supreme

                      Which would safeguard me

          from scurrying hither and thither

                      Which would prevent me

          from striving for wasteful ends;

                      Which would shield me

                                from the company of those

                                            indulging in iniquitous talk;

                                Which would equip me

                                            to cling fast to the virtuous;

                                Which would proof my heart

                                            against the vice of Anger;

                                Which would enable me

                                            not to swerve from what is good;

                                And Which would consolidate in me

                                            the quality of Contentment,

                                so that I may not forage

                                            for today and tomorrow…



[Tamil poem by  PATTINATHAR (10th century A.D)  rendered into English by Sage TGN]




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