On the night of Dec 1st, I suddenly woke up around 1.30 am, only to see out of my first floor window a column of water surging through the street like a river. Climbing down the stairs I alerted my neighbour in the ground floor about the impending threat to life and property. Together we shifted his belongings, all that we could, upstairs in pitch darkness. By 5.30 dawn, the ground floor was flooded with water that made itself comfortable on the sofas and chairs, on the cots and mattresses that had to be left behind. We were silent spectators to the water rising step by step towards the first floor. All along, the words that were ringing in my ears were, ‘Progress, step by even step’, ‘water finds its own level’, ‘What next?’ ‘Remain United’ in Master’s soft Voice. Soothing and calming in times of crisis could be Only this Voice. A few more steps upwards, we would have had to take the helicopter from out of our terrace; but the water began to recede by the evening of the 2nd.


Two days later, the house downstairs was dry and the street treadable. For the next 10 days we were left in darkness post-sunset. My wife efficiently managed without grinder & mixie, to keep us decently fed. And during all this time, there was not a single murmur of grumbling or complaint, nor fray of temper or frustration in our home. Each one, including my wife and children carried on patiently and cheerfully.


I have been attending our Master Sage TGN’s Spiritual Training Classes for the past decade, and extending the Lessons and benefits to my family members too. The effect of this schooling in Practical Philosophy was there to be seen and experienced during the record Chennai Rains. Just two weeks back, in the week-end Class, Master narrated His own experience on one such earlier occasion and said, “Why I did not get dampened in the water-crisis was that I did not forget the decades when there was no water-pump, and water for every use had to be drawn from the well. Then came the hand-pump; much later the motor-pump and the overhead tank for water to be stored. It is this remembrance that keep us from getting annoyed and blaming the service-providers – which is the easiest to do in times of crises. ‘It is forgetfulness that causes misery, and the only antidote to forgetfulness is Remembrance’ says Sage Vasishtar to Lord Rama.” How handy and timely that Class had been scheduled!


The lessons on Virtue and Wisdom are consistently practised by my entire family and the extended family also. My school-going son has more than once drawn the attention of the grocery-vendor with his truthfulness and honesty, and uprightness in all transactions. Before long, I knew that consistency is the key-word in spiritual well-being.


Before I conclude I would like to add that only last month I had vacated a ground floor portion of the building and moved to the first floor at the behest of the house-owner. Even though inconvenient for him, my elderly father-in-law without bemoaning took the suggestion in his stride and readily we shifted to the first floor. Do you hear Master’s recitation of Subramania Bharatiar’s experience? Nature’s Benevolence


I recalled this episode from the life of the great jnaani Bharatiar to my wife, and all she could proclaim was “Great Glory to the Guru, who acts betimes on our behalf!”  How Guru works


In hind-sight I wonder how fore-armed and shielded I have been rendered during this past decade! I am now participating in the 2015- Tiruppavai session, and feel increasingly and irreversibly empowered by Sri Andal’s energy-field.


Murugesh,   Saidapet



வளந்தரும் ஆற்றலாம் வானத்தின் நீலம்

அளப்பறிய ஆற்றலது ஆண்டாள் - களமமைத்து

ஆண்டகதை யான்சொல்ல ஆர்வமொடு தான்கேட்டோர்

ஈண்டடைவர் மெய்யாம் இனிமை


-           By Sage TGN



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